Pencil - Reflecting Ideas

Admin | Jan 10 / 2016

What is an advertising agency if it doesn’t provide customized solutions to clients? At Avail, we do just that. Every work is a wonderful creation wherein the client gives us the recipe and we add our touch to it.

On the other hand, the Avail yearly planner is a job we undertake by ourselves. We have more freedom while creating this planner and can use all the creative liberty at hand. It gives us immense satisfaction when we finally have our own Avail planner in our hands, completely designed and created by us, for everybody connected to us.

Each year, we are on the lookout for unique and attractive themes that can be the base for our planner. We have always made it a point to work on themes that are important, related to our work and which strike a chord with everybody at large.

Avail Planners

Earlier, we have enjoyed making yearly planners on themes like ‘Design is Life’ (2013), ‘Simply Nature’ (2014) and ‘Davandi to Digital’ (2015). Last year end, as we began our research on possible topics for the 2016 planner, we came across some very interesting facts about an ordinary object that is a part of our daily lives - the Pencil.


The modern pencil was invented in 1795 by Nicholas-Jacques Conte, a scientist serving in the army of Napoleon Bonaparte. Writing utensils were originally designed to resemble a fine brush, which is how the pencil received its name from the Latin word, Pencillus meaning “Painter’s Brush”.

The Pencil is such a tiny, inconspicuous object that we fail to notice how it is an inevitable part of our daily life. From the Carpenter who builds our furniture, to the Electrician who does the lighting fixtures in our house, from the Tailor who stitches the clothes we wear every day to Artists who fulfill our need for leisure and entertainment, every person is empowered by this tiny roll of graphite-filled wood.

Personalized pencils have changed forms many times from the original “fine paintbrush” style to handheld “graphite sticks” to graphite sticks wrapped with wood to the mechanical pencils that we use today. This object has been such an important part of our lives that even the recent digital tool that Apple came up with was a Pencil.

Leonardo Da Vinci Painting | Apple Pencil

The Pencil has been an object that has lived through the ages, although the forms may have changed. Avail Advertising has constantly given recognition to the existence and to the contribution of the Pencil as well as to its Users, who Design our lives; who create History; who make Stories come Alive. We owe our success to this tiny tool without which none of our work would have ever been possible.

Thus, this tiny graphite stick became the theme of our yearly planner 2016. The process of creating the planner was indeed a joyful one as we spent time clicking pictures, doodling, sharpening pencils or just staring at them for ideas.

The end product is a beautiful planner which shows the Pencil as a tool that reflects our ideas. This is the behind the scenes story of our own job- by us, for us!

Avail Planner 2015-16