Cipy is a nationally and internationally recognized manufacturer of coatings, sealants, membranes, repair mortars, adhesives and grouts for wide-ranging market needs. With a strong market focus and a wider product portfolio together with divergent technologies, Cipy also offers a miscellany of construction chemicals such as admixtures, curing compounds and bonding agents. Cipy offers flooring solutions, water proofing solutions, solutions to joints, solutions to construction industry and protective coating solutions to metal and concrete.


We were asked to create the total brand identity as well as catalogues and leaflets.


Avail Advertising has been involved in the establishment of the brand’s corporate identity right from the start. We did numerous assignments for the company. We designed a unique theme ‘Floors from CANS’ for the brand and consistently used it in every job that was done.


* Brochure Design
* Packaging Design