Hotel Lavang Brand Identity

It was a regular sunny day and we at Avail sat with our heads dug into our computers when Jayant, the Business Development Manager walked into the door with an odd but interesting project. “We have to work on a Punjabi Restaurant”, he said. Well, all eyes at him by now. We were obviously expecting some good food happening in office for the next few days. “But” he said again; curiously Dinesh, the lead designer for this project stared at him. “The restaurant is vegetarian,” Jayant claimed. “Ohhh…” went out a long sigh in the office from the non-vegetarians end, but the vegetarians in here kept the smile on.

“But isn’t that unconventional” said Dinesh, “I mean, a full on Punjabi restaurant but vegetarian?” Well, now he knew what the challenge was; it was the creation of ‘Lavang’, a restaurant that made vegetarian food as tempting as a plate of tandoori chicken for meat lovers. Well, without wasting a moment, we could see Dinesh at it.

Bring It On

Deciding to start from the very beginning the real challenge was to intrigue people and get their minds off the butter chicken to take a bite of the Paneer Tikka Masala. Moreover, ‘Lavang’ had to grab the attention of people, as they too, like most popular Punjabi restaurants are located on the highway. Bright colours, the feel of cloves and the Punjabi tadka had to be a part of the logo when one would take a look at the restaurant signage.

The Brain Wheels Began to Churn

Our meeting room was pouring with ideas by this time. So much so, that we had almost begun to speak in Punjabi too. Well, the broken type of Punjabi! But nevertheless, between the Golden temple and the bhangradance discussion ‘Kake’ came to our rescue. No, he doesn’t work with us. He popped out of Dinesh’s brain and is now the mascot for Lavang. As Dinesh promptly got his drawing sheets and begun to doodle with Kake’s look, Manasi begun to think about a tagline and wondered what would Kake say when he ate to his heart’s content. The brain wheels begun to churn.

Hotel Lavang Logo Sketch

And We Got It!

Two days down the line, Kake was brought to life and was ready to welcome people at Lavang. He yelled ‘Burrrrahlicious’ as he finished his meal and that’s where the tagline came from. So now that Dinesh and Manasi put together the basic concept, it was Jayant’s turn to display this to the client. Well, we were surely confident that this couldn’t be a miss. As Jayant walked back with a broad smile, we knew we were on the right track.

The Story Unfolds

Lavang (clove) is an important spice that is used to cook Punjabi curries. While we picked up the brown from the clove, we added orange to Kake’s apron which put him across as a cheerful man. We also added a bunch of cloves in the background with Kake in the foreground making the logo complement its name. The round shape simply put the mascot, the tagline and the background perfectly together, and there! We had the identity of Lavang ready.

Hotel Lavang Logo Design

We Finally Had It All

Soon after all the brain storming, the creating and scrapping and again creating, we had it all ready for our client to take a look. Certainly it was a job well done, but as we know, the best for us isn’t necessarily the best for everyone. While we contemplated whether it would be liked or not, enthusiastic Jayant called up Dinesh and broke in the news of approval. We couldn’t have been happier to bring all of this together in a matter of few days, as for us, it was a fun experience where the scope was limited while we aimed high.

Hotel Lavang View Hotel Lavang Menu Card

All In all, it was a project that turned out as per expectations & we too had a Burrrrahfic ! time working on it.