Rallis, a TATA Enterprise is a subsidiary of Tata Chemicals, with its business presence in the Farm Essentials vertical. It is one of India’s leading crop care companies. Rallis is known for its deep understanding of Indian agriculture, sustained contact with farmers, quality agrochemicals, branding and marketing expertise and its strong product portfolio of comprehensive crop care solutions.


This was one of the first agriculture based client we had. Also, farmers were our target audience and we had to make sure we were able to reach out to them efficiently. We researched the local language of the farmers, the need and use of the product sold.


We created ads in the local dialect that were an instant hit. We used different mediums such as wall paintings, posters to communicate with our target audience. While most advertising and marketing is product based, we shifted our focus to make it more target based. We also curated product launches for Rallis.


* Brochure Design