Linq Labs is an innovative niche laboratory which is a unit of Jehangir Clinical Development Centre (JCDC) JCDC is an award winning and highly respected clinical research centre in India. Linq Labs has developed a novel methodology in the field of personalized medicine for cancer treatment. Linq Labs has devised, developed and validated a ChemoSensitivity assay or laboratory test for individualizing patient therapy.


This was a very new domain for us. The client as well as their work is very unique. We had very less idea of this discipline. Thus research on our part was important too, to be able to deliver successfully. It was a learning experience for us.


We worked with this client right from Logo creation, to establishing brand identity and visual aids. The Logo has a lot of thought behind it.The placement of 'L' signifies the understanding we have about our valued member and our caring attitude towards him. The blue circle is YOU, our valued associate. It also gives a feeling of joy and happiness. The lettering of this logo is purposely kept smooth or curvature. It relates to the smoothness and the compassion with which we provide our services.


* Logo Design
* Brand Identity