Minilec offers the widest, most extensive, and most reliable line of Motor & Pump Protection relays, Phase Failure Relays, Microprocessor Based Annunciation & event-monitoring Systems, Industrial Software for today's industrial markets worldwide. Minilec is the only company in the world offering the widest range of products in all three product segments viz. protection, control and monitoring. Our products cater to every agro. and industrial segment and provide for the needs of small scale industries as well as corporate giants like Siemens and Reliance.


Avail advertising was to create a brand identity for a unique product field. Innovative solutions were required to make the product, its uses and the brand known to the target audience.


We came up with the tagline ‘Powerful senses to avoid mishaps’ that became a hit and was used for all branding purposes for a very long time. We used natural environmental factors to portray the message behind the theme and got a lot of help as well as freedom from the client.


* Magazine Ad Design
* Catalog Design